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Homeward bound!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, we are on our way home! 

Last day

Everyone got all their cases packed and down the stairs this morning in time for breakfast.

Group 1: 

We started our day with vertical challenge. Charlie managed to get all the way to the top of the obstacle course really quick. He has pushed himself all week to make sure he gets to the top of everything! We followed this with Buggy Building. Lennon was the brave driver. The competition was boys v girls and the girls managed to realise the wheels needed to go on before the logs were tied. The boys did not and therefore poor Lennon had a very difficult drive and ended up being tipped off!! 

Group 2: 

Today we started with Buggy building. Both Kaitlyn and Ella worked very well as a team to get the Buggy built. Ropes were not quite tied as tightly as needed though as the Buggy didn't get very far! We had Vertical challenge afterwards and everyone tried really hard to get to the top. 

Group 3: 

We began our day with Trapeze. Demi H was really brave and chose to go first. She sped to the top and then encouraged everyone else in the team. Terri faced her fears at the top and eventually jumped off! Well done Terri! We then had Buggy building in which group three showed great team work. You could see who had been to scouts! 

Were looking forward to seeing you all again! 

Best Independence Award!

This room got themselves up and ready everyday! They even had their suitcases packed before they were asked. Well done boys!

Group 3

Group 2

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