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Problem solving and team work

We had a lot of tired looking faces this morning when we all woke for breakfast! 

Group 1: 

Today we started with the climbing wall and it was absolutely freezing! Lots of us made it to the top even though it got really slippery! Erin was chief photographer of the day and took several selfies! #SelfieQueen. Later on, we had fencing which was lots of fun. Lunch was baguettes and wraps and Erin claimed it was the best lunch yet! 

In the afternoon, we had Abseiling and Problem solving. We realised quickly that Jack was the riddle wizard! He solved many of our problems and provided lots of ideas! Let's see if they can catch you out at home!

Group 2:

We started our day with Fencing! The uniform we had to wear caused a bit of a stir with protective pads. Following this activity, we had the climbing wall. Again, most of us made it all the way to the top even with the cold! Julia has earned a new nickname: Tinkerbell as she floats gracefully down all the obstacles in her green jumper.

After lunch, we had problem solving and abseiling. James was extremely courageous and made it up the stairs to the top of the wall conquering his fear of heights! I can confirm that this was very high! He really pushed himself and that's what this trip is all about. For dinner we had fish fingers and chips! 

Group 3: 

Group 3 started their day with problem solving and vertical challenge and even Ms Ringrose gave this ago! Alfie D was a super star and rocketed to the top of the course! It involved tyres and logs to climb and was a tricky challenge. We visited the shop today and all bought lots of presents.

Then we had sensory trail and climbing. Dorka climbed to the top of the wall and whilst the others were climbing provided help, support and positive encouragement the entire time. The sensory trail was really funny and the children relied on their other senses to work their way around the course. 

In the evening, we had a game called splash. We had to earn materials through several challenges such as paper areoplanes, fashion shows and shoe towers. Once we had collected everything, we made safety boxes to keep water balloons safe when dropped from a height. 

Tidiest Room winners! Girls are winning!

Galley Hill crew at Phasel’s Wood

Those of us who aren’t at PGL went on our own mini adventure today to Phasel’s Wood. 

We started the day with Cresta Run which is a bit like sledding but on wheels. The children absolutely loved this activity. Joe and Alice were getting up some great speed! Grace was also a great helper and saved the adults from lots of pushing. 

Next we went to abseiling. Jacob picked it up straight away and Jenna was a pro. Ariba looked fab in her leopard print dress (Miss Duggan you would have been so proud of her outfit!!) Special mention also must go to Leyla who came back down the stairs on her first try but then went up again, faced her fears and abseiled twice! She even said she loved abseiling after that!!!

After lunch, we played a game of aeroball. We got into pairs and held a tournament. Well done to the overall winners Joe and Finley. 

Finally we ended the day with archery. Grace was an expert at this as she knew exactly where the equipment goes and what to do. Lots of us hit the target and Finley even hit the bullseye!!! 

We have lots of photos to post but as Mrs Huscroft had to go to staff meeting after school they will come tomorrow. 

Congratulations to the first tidiest room winners!

Surviving, Climbing and Ambush!

Up and out this morning for another fun packed day!

Group 1:

Starting with survivor, we bravely entered the woods with only our instructor to help us. We had to choose what three things would be the most important. Most of us survived, except for Freya and Tia who were very attached to their choice of a pet hamster called Reginald due to the food and comfort it would provide...

Following this, we had Jacob's Ladder and a nice lunch of pasties and baked beans. In the afternoon, we ventured out to Aeroball and the giant swing. George won the competition for the most surprised face when the swing fell (eventhough he pulled the rope) Well done! 

Group 2:

We started our morning with Jacob's ladder in which we had some very determined climbers. Well done to Joseph and Max who got very close to the top. Next, we swapped with group 1 and had survivor. We got to make survival shelters and have a go at lighting a fire. 

After lunch, we had the giant swing! We were all super proud of Demi W who conquered her fears and got most of the way up! We then moved onto aeroball and enjoyed using the trampolines. Once back at the rooms, it was time for dinner. Tonight's menu was pasta or chicken goujons. 

Group 3:

We also started our day with survivor and made some fantastic shelters. We then moved onto abseiling which was really exciting! Daisy-Rai proved herself to be a fabulous leader and helped out her entire group all morning. It was lovely meeting up with everyone at lunch to share stories. 

Later on, we had fencing followed by crate stacking. For this activity, we could go in groups and try to climb as high as we could. Bethany was a massive help to her friends by helping with harnesses and Zijie was a great listener to the instructions. Working as a team allowed us to stack the crates really quickly.

After dinner we all got together for our evening activity Ambush! We all had lots of fun today and are very excited for tomorrow. 

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