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Team building day at Galley Hill

Edit: Hi guys, just to say this post is from the children who stayed back at school. Any from me (Mrs Huscroft) will be from the children at school. I’m sure the PGL group will blog later this evening. I won’t approve the comments people had written on this post so feel free to write again when they blog. Sorry if it was confusing, we’ll try to make it clearer tomorrow.

At the start of the day, we got into partners. One person was blindfolded and the other person was leading them. We went blindfolded round the play trail. 

After assembly and break time we made parachutes so we could drop an egg from upstairs and they wouldn't break. But mrs huscroft managed to crack both the eggs before we even started so we had to borrow some more from the kitchen. When we finally dropped them from the window, they both landed safely in the bush. But when we dropped them on the playground they were scrambled!!! What a waste of scrambled eggs!

After lunch we did some more team building with games and we had to work as a group to complete tasks. We also made funny pictures and stories by playing consequences as a whole big group  

Finally we played a game of daytime ambush. It is much harder to sneak up on people in the bright sunshine but we still had loads of fun and Alice and Brendan enjoyed hiding in a tree trunk. Grace loved her new camouflage fashions.



Hi parents,

Please remember all comments have to be moderated by an admin so if they don't appear straight away that is why. We will approve them as soon as we can and then they should appear under the blog post. The comments from the previous blog usually get read to the children the next evening before bed as long as they aren't too busy, so don't worry if yours isn't approved until the next day.


Mrs Huscroft

First Night...

What a fabulous start to our PGL trip!

On arrival we all found out our rooms and groups and had to unpack. Some of us had an issue getting our cases up a flight of stairs but we all managed (eventually). 

We had sausages and peas for dinner and everyone tried something! It was really yummy :) 

We all enjoyed a good sing-song around the camp fire before retiring back to our rooms to begin fresh tomorrow!  

Art Day

The children who aren’t at PGL have a busy and fun week planned back at school. 

Today we had an art day. We spent the morning creating magical creatures by mixing and matching parts of real creatures. In the afternoon we did tile printing to produce repeated patterns. 

You can see some of our work on our class page on the website. 

We hope the PGL crew have settled in to their rooms and are enjoying a great first evening. We can’t wait to read their blog tomorrow. 



The time has finally arrived and today we are heading to PGL Liddington. Yippee!!

We will keep you posted with information about our daily activities and hope to receive comments back from you to the children.

Have a good week, we know we will :)

From Year 6



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